How to Apply

Thank you for approaching the National Jockeys Trust [NJT] for a assistance

The principal purpose of the Trust is to relieve the immediate and ongoing financial needs of Jockeys and their families in Australia who are in necessitous circumstances caused by a Jockey being seriously injured or dying, whether on a racetrack or otherwise, or through a Jockey suffering a severe illness.

Assessment of Necessitous Circumstances.

The Trustees will provide such relief and assistance as set out in clause 4.2 to Jockeys or their families in necessitous circumstances after investigating their financial resources and needs. The Trustees will establish forms and processes for assessing necessitous circumstances, which they may amend from time to time. Initially, but without limitation, these forms and processes will include:

  1. Completion of an application for financial assistance endorsed by the Executive of a State or Territory Jockeys’ Association recognised in the Constitution of the AJA; and
  2. Submission of evidence to the satisfaction of the Trustees that the applicant is a jockey as defined.

In order for us to present this to the board of Trustees, please complete the attached Application Form and also provide any supporting information that will assist in your application. You should submit your application via the website, via fax/email or mail after downloading/printing the form. Your Application MUST include the following documentation [these can be uploaded via the website application form or faxed/emailed in with your form to the NJT Manager – contact details below]:

  • Previous year’s Tax Return
  • Copies of rental or mortgage payments
  • Bank statements for the last 3 months
  • Utility bills, and
  • Doctors’ referrals and medical information, where applicable.

All applications go through a detailed review process in order to ensure that you have met the specific criteria of the NJT, “being in necessitous circumstances”.

You can be assured that all the information that you provide will be treated strictly confidentially.
Most applications will be assessed after receipt by the NJT Manager within 30 days; however, if there is high urgency then please request the State/Territory Representative to contact the NJT Manager immediately.

If you are having trouble completing the application or have any questions, were here to help. Please contact us directly.

Tony Crisafi
National Manager

Phone: 02 9894 9629
Fax: 02 9894 7148
Post: National Jockeys Trust, PO Box 800, Castle Hill, NSW 1705

Injured Jockey
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Monthly Expenses and Income
(personal accident top up)
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Current Assets and Liabilities
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Estimated Value of property
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Motor Vehicle
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% of applicant ownership
Estimated Value of property
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Bank Account
Current Balance
Market Value
Jointly Owned?
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Other Assets
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Other information
Supporting Documents
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Please ensure that all the information you have entered is correct, as you will not be able to change it once you have submitted your application.