National Jockeys Trust Donation

Your continued support and generosity enables us at the National Jockeys Trust to make a real difference in the provision of financial relief and other benefits to former and current jockeys.

By working together, we can help jockeys and their families overcome these times of crisis - where serious injury, illness or even death have befallen them - and instead allow them to focus on what’s important – family and their recovery.

While accident insurance has become an essential feature of racing, all too often there are cases where jockeys and/or their families are plunged into financial hardship.

Thanks to your help and donations, we can put a stop to their financial woes and help them to get back on their feet.

So if you are interested in making a difference, why not donate today and witness how your donation can help support jockeys to overcome illness and injury and enable them to climb back onto the saddle?

As a non profit organisation and charity, you can feel confident that every dollar you donate will be used to improve the lives of jockeys and their families for the better.


If you check this option then your payment accept on behalf of a company

For your convenience, here is some suggested wording and our organisational details:

“I give to the National Jockeys Trust (ABN 21 495 206 153) :

  • The balance and residue of my Estate or
  • ………………….Per cent of the residue of my Estate or
  • The sum of $..................................... free of all duties and testamentary expenses for its general purposes and I direct the receipt of that organisation shall be sufficient discharge to my executors for this