Gerry Ryan OAM

Gerry Ryan OAM, founder of Jayco, has supported the National Jockeys Trust since its inception.

At a meeting with AJA representatives in December 2006, JAYCO’s principal Gerry Ryan expressed his commitment in developing the sponsorship into a national program. JAYCO subsequently agreed to sponsor jockeys at all major racing carnivals in each state, including major country cups, with all proceeds going the Trust to assist jockeys and their families who are in need due to serious injury, illness or death.

In 2013 when the breeches sponsorship concluded with Jayco, the Trustees of the NJT could not think of anyone more appropriate than Gerry to become a patron.

The Chairman of the Trust, Mr Paul Innes OAM stated “Indeed it has only been through the support of Gerry and Jayco, as the inaugural sponsor of the Trust, that we have been able to provide assistance to seriously injured jockeys in need.”

Darren Beadman

Former champion Australian jockey, Darren Beadman has been appointed a Patron of the National Jockeys’ Trust.

The Chairman of the Trust, Paul Innes AOM, said; “it’s a great honour to have champion jockey Darren Beadman who knows only too well the dangers of being a jockey and who has suffered his own serious injury, as Patron of the National Jockeys Trust

Mr Beadman said that he was a great supporter of the Trust and the work and dedication that goes into providing assistance to seriously injured jockeys.

“Having suffered a life changing injury, I know first hand how difficult it can be and how important it is, to have a strong support network. The National Jockeys’ Trust provides much of this needed support” Mr Beadman said.

“I love this wonderful sport of racing, and the people involved, and I am proud to accept the role of Patron for the National Jockeys Trust”

“I look forward to working with the Trustees to assist riders and their families throughout Australia”

Michelle Payne

Michelle Payne, Australia’s first female jockey to win the Melbourne Cup in 2015 on Prince of Penzance has taken on a new role as a Patron of the National Jockeys Trust.

Michelle is a perfect choice to be an ambassador and promote the National Jockeys Trust. Michelle gained international attention with her famed Melbourne cup win in 2015, however she has also been exposed to the harsh realities a jockey can face with numerous race falls and injuries.

Michelle has already commenced her role by assisting with fundraising, participating in events, and donating items for the purpose of fundraising:

  • Donation of breeches worn in the Melbourne Cup, sold to the National Museum of Australia netting $40,000 for the National Jockeys Trust
  • Participation in the Annual National Jockeys Trust Cricket Match – a fundraising event created by the Jockeys to support their own charity.
  • Participation in final leg of Cycling for Simone – raised $262,000
  • Donation of time as guest speaker at National Jockeys Trust fundraisers – before & after Melbourne Cup victory
  • Donation of signed memorabilia and merchandise to raise money for the Jockeys Trust

Rick Smith

The National Jockeys Trust relies heavily on those who are passionate and believe in our cause. The NJT are proud to formally acknowledge the support from Rick Smith– who has been providing assistance to jockeys and their families even before the National Jockeys Trust was established and has continued to support the NJT to this day.

Rick Smith, both personally and via his company PFD Foods has continued to make a major contribution to the National Jockeys Trust through significant annual donations, major sponsorships, donations for events and generous prizes for raffles and auctions.

The NJT is extremely grateful for the support of Rick Smith and now welcome him as a patron of the trust.